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хоризонтален разделител
Portfolio: хоризонтален разделител
хоризонтален разделител
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You are trying to sell something?
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About us:

Dolphin Press is B2B Network specialized in services and products supply for commercial and public organizations.

  • Dolphin Press is the first private publishing company in Bulgaria, established in June 1990.
  • Dolphin Press implemented the new business language in Bulgaria publishing from 1991 to 1994 the series Dolphin’s Dictionaries and Encyclopaedias, 23 volume set, including over 50,000 terms covering wide areas of Finance, Economics, Management, Banking, Insurance, Marketing, Advertising, Commercial Law ...
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Dolphin Press

19 Hristo Botev St, POB 296, Burgas 8000
T +359 (0) 888 673 349


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